Winter/ Spring 2017

Some great musical happenings in early 2017… here’s a quick recap.

In January I was back in NYC to play with Carmit Zori on her terrific Brooklyn Chamber Music Society series. Shai Wosner, pianist, was amazing in Fauré g minor Piano Quartet.

Our 2nd Rebelheart Collective Concert at Aeolian Hall (London Ont.) took place in January, with a bigger crowd in attendance. Erika Raum’s mother, Elizabeth Raum, composed a two-violin duet that went over incredibly well, and I also enjoyed working with the El Sistema Aeolian kids on some Bartok Dances.

Later in January my family traveled to California: Sharon and Julia went north, and I went to San Diego to join the Enso Quartet for several concerts. My mini-career as quartet replacement violinist is going well! It’s such a rush to join a pre-existing group, especially with rep like Ginastera Quartet no. 2.

In February: Musicians From Marlboro Tour! Re-visiting two amazing groups & rep: Fauré Trio and Thomas Adès “Arcadiana” from summer of 2011. One of the best tour stops: Randolph, Vermont! Beautifully restored old-style opera house, and a friendly warm crowd.

Early March brought a project that I was incredibly excited about: an all Canadian program that recreated Harry Adaskin’s recital for the BBC in 1930. Katherine Chi and Rafael Hoekman joined me for the Calgary concert, which included music by Healey Willan, Hector Gratton and Edward B. Manning.

To finish off this post, and the month of March, I was back in Houston for ROCO! What an amazing group, spearheaded by the ball of energy Alecia Lawyer. We did the string orchestra version of Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht– a tough piece but extremely satisfying. Also got to know composer Alex Miller who composed “ROCOMOJI”!

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  1. lovely to know that you’re living with your family in London, Scott; I still picture you as that 3 year old, visiting our home for your violin lessons, Lara in tow, when Richard was your teacher.

    I’m hoping to be able to attend some performances of yours and Lara’s sometime soon. I’m now living in St. Thomas with my husband, Rudy. Best wishes,
    Linda Phillips (used to be Lawrence)

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